Welcome to Aeona

Aeona tip: All the commands are there in slash commands and normal message command format.
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Here are a couple of things about Aeona.
Our Purpose!
The goal of Aeona is to innovate the discord bot era and provide something fresh and original that has never been seen before making your Discord experience unique. With Aeona, alter your experience!
Our Goal!
We only provide premium services to support our efforts to keep Aeona online and available to all of you around the clock, not to make money off of it. Aeona's mission is to discover the uncharted while seeing to it that you have a good time.
Boundless Features!
Aeona's features does never just stop, they are constantly updated and worked on and new ones is regularly added. The work we do on the bot and the way we listen to our users help us develop the perfect bot who would fit nearly each server and individual!

Get Started

We've put together some helpful guides for you to get setup with Aeona quickly and easily.
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