Our Features

1. 250+ Commands

In 30 different categories and with 25+ systems. Aeona removes the need for multiple bots with features like Anti Raid, Welcomer, Logging, Boost Logging, Server Stats and much more.

2. Generate Images on any matter!

Use our AI image generator to make art various styles like dramatic, fantasy, cyberpunk and many more.
Prompt: bookshelf, window nook, evening, night sky, room, aesthetic Style: epic

3. Chatbot

Aeona is an advance AI chatbot which hope's to be able to talk with humans as if its an friend.

4. Embed Builder.

Aeona has a state of the art embed builder allowing to create and edit embeds easily.

5. Leveling

Reward your users for being active by using our leveling system.

6. Invites Counter

See and give rewards to users for inviting people to your server.

7. Fun and Games

With commands like 8ball , wanted, keepdistance, 2048, youtubetogether and more. You are sure to never run out of things to have fun with.

8. Bump Reminder

Setup a reminder for your users to boost your server.

9. Reaction Roles

Setup menus to give your users some self roles.

10. Anime and Role play commands

React to each other using gifs.

11. Logging

Log everything that happened in your server.

12. Family

Enjoy and create fake families in your server.

Well there are many more features waiting to be discovered so go ahead and invite me by clicking on the link below