Reaction Roles

You can give users the option to choose their roles.


1. Adding the roles.

To add roles to Aeona you can run /reactionroles add <name> <role> <emoji>
The options explained <name> -> The name of the type of the roles you are adding. <role> -> The mention of the role you want to give. <emoji> -> The emoji to give the role.
Example: /reactionroles add pings @MovieNight 🎥 /reactionroles add pings @ChatRevive ❤️‍🩹

2. Creating the list

Here you have to choices:-
You can have your users select their roles by clicking buttons. /reactionroles button <name> channel Example: /reactionroles button pings #self-roles Or
The users can choose their desired roles from a drop down menu.
/reactionroles menu <name> channel Example: /reactionroles menu pings #self-roles

3. Modifying the look.

To edit the embed run /embed editembed channel messageid.
Here channel is the channel in which the embed you wish to modify is there. While message id is the id of the message with the embed. Example: /embed editembed self-roles 1061072341406330980