Setup the ticket system for your server.


1. Setting the tickets configuration.

Run /setup tickets <category> <role> <channel> <logs>
Where <catergory> is the category you which to make the ticket channels in.
<role> is the role for the support staff.
<channel> is the channel where the ticket creation menu is sent.
<logs> is the channel where all the ticket logs are sent.

2. Creating a ticket panel.

To have Aeona make a message for you then run +autosetup ticketpanel
If you wish to make the panel then then run +setup ticketpanel

3. Changing the default ticket message.

To change it run /setup ticketmessage <open/close> <message> .

4. Editing the ticket panel.

To edit the embed run /embed editembed channel messageid.
Here channel is the channel in which the embed you wish to modify is there. While message id is the id of the message with the embed. Example: /embed editembed create-ticket 1061072341406330980